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Automatic Ensemble, 99 Scott, Brooklyn. April, 2019

The first of the Outline Series, curated by Tenaya Kelleher and in collaboration with Zane Morris of TINT, this piece was born from an exploration into long form ensemble improvisation. For years, Julia Crockett & Group worked to create enough common language and vocabulary with the goal of being able to let it all go and improvise within a container of choreography and score. Set in the round to heighten the intimate nature of this mostly improvised piece (both in terms of choreography and score), Automatic Ensemble is an illumination of the automatic responses and intrinsic emotional expressions shared between performers through contact. This experience of life between performers and exploration of movement as it relates to the psychological and psycho-emotional self is a signature of Crockett & Group, a company dedicated to the expression of deep, visceral experience while also demonstrating physical capacity for choreography.

Choreography: Julia Crockett
Performers: Mac Bauman, Kana Sato Colla, Nathan Flower, Hilary Ives, Tenaya Kelleher, Chess Lopez, Cynthia Navarro, Michelle Uranowitz
Score: Zane Morris, TINT

Project Archive [ 6 ]