Creative Movement Specialist


Private Coaching: Julia offers private coaching to clients from a variety of backgrounds. She has worked with actors to develop character as well as models, photographers and individuals seeking to feel more comfortable in their bodies on set or for speaking engagements. Julia has an unmatched ability to lead people of different backgrounds on their journey to uncovering confidence, ownership, and understanding of their physical and emotional selves to create dynamic performance and images. For rates and information, email

Group Classes: For those looking for a group experience and community, you can join Julia for drop in all level movement classes at Movement for Everybody. This class branches from Julia’s teaching style and emphasizes practices of creative intimacy, improv and play to free the body and mind in order to access fullest expression and release resistance and habitual behavior. Movement for Everybody fosters an environment where everybody can access a strong, free, and flexible physical instrument through movement. Come to strengthen your artistic physical practice, crack open your creativity, become more present in your body or simply for a good time. Whatever your reason for coming, you will leave feeling stronger, more connected, more released, more creative and with a richer connection to your body and others.

Julia is a proud member of the movement faculty at Terry Knickerbocker Studio and teaches acting at the Kimball Studio. To enroll, see links below.


It doesn't feel like an exaggeration to say that Julia Crockett changed my life. Julia gave me the freedom to move without thinking, to trust my body's impulses, and to be satisfied with knowing that sometimes, the best kind of creating comes from responding. Her work changed me instantly, but I continue to move with her, over a year later, because it is so damn fun.

– Dana Drori (Actor, Model)

As someone who works in a professional realm where my body is necessary, but is often taken for granted, working with Julia over the last few years has brought more looseness, creativity, and joy to my sculpture practice. Julia is a calm, magnetic, healing leader who has demonstrated how connectivity and play can be cathartic for stunted creativity, and how radical openness and vulnerability can transform into empowerment.

– Simone Bodmer-Turner (Sculptor)

Julia opened my eyes to new forms of movement techniques and taught me to really connect my body with text and music to be an even stronger storytelling. With Julia I was able for the first time to unlock tension & trauma that I didn't know I was storing and connect to my body deeper than I ever have. Julia's work is deep, insightful, free of ego, fun and might I even say wacky. No two experiences are the same, no two classes, and no two performances. She is a true gift to students everywhere!

– Candace Maxwell (Actor, Dancer)

Julia completely transformed my physical presence in my acting work which has carried over to my everyday life. I feel more alive, more myself, and more present after working with her...and also you'll laugh a lot.

– Heather Craig (Actor)

The work I did with Julia made me face myself in a way I never had before, which changed how I approached everything-my dancing, my craft, and ultimately my relationship to myself and others.

And if you haven't already get yourself into m4E! That stuff will heal you from the inside out!

– Kylie Edwards (Actor)

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